Kontrollrådet offers its services both within the public and private sectors. Our main service is certification of building products with the aim to cover the requirements stated in the Norwegian Building Regulation 17 Chapter 3. We administer several certification schemes within the building sector and about 750 companies have joined our different schemes. Kontrollrådet is established as a private foundation. Our aim is to be a leading notified body and certification body within our working areas. Our aim is thus strongly connected to our role as a notified body. We will, however still give priority to cover the market needs for voluntary certification schemes within our working areas.

Kontrollrådet is a notified body according to the Construction Products Regulation. Kontrollrådet is accredited for certification of products, quality systems and environmental systems.

Logoer, Norsk Akkreditering og Direktoratet for byggkvalitet

We are running Approval and Certification Schemes within areas such as Quality management systems, Environmental management systems,  Class D – Precast Reinforced Concrete Products, Class E – Steel structures (certification is only offered within the execution classes EXC1, EXC2 and EXC3) and Class K – Reinforcing Steel and Steel Components.