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Kontrollrådet was established in December 1967 with the aim to run a mandatory approval scheme for concrete and concrete products. During the first years our business was extended with several voluntary certification schemes related to concrete and concrete products.

For 50 years, Kontrollrådet has been an important part of the building environment and the concrete industry. In connection with the anniversary, a film was made about Kontrollrådet. The animation film shows the history from concrete became a sought-after building material in the post-war years, until today and gives an insight into Kontrollrådet’s development over 50 years.

(Film made by Animer)

At the 40 th anniversary of Kontrollrådet, a historyreport was made. Read the report about the first 40 years between 1967 and 2007 and find out how Kontrollrådet has developed and made an difference over the years.

Click here to read : Kontrollrådet 40 years anniversary report.